Monday, February 21, 2011

2 Hours...

In 2 hours, Killzone 3 will be released to the public. My hype for this game is phenomenal, from the beta to the demos, this game is really going to be great, I preordered the Killzone 3: Helghast Edition, going to pick it up at EB games when i head out tomorrow, too bad i wont be able to play it until night time, but just having it will probably give me a hard on i cant get rid of until i satisfy my bloodlust for killing the helghast. I hope all of you are into gaming because this thing is going to be good, the visuals have been compared to Crysis 2, so this game really is going to be a juggernaut on visuals for consoles, setting the bar even higher.

after finishing Killzone 2 I was left with a thirst for more, this game will deliver, Guerilla Games knows what they are doing. see you all on the battlefields.

PSN: OmegaAF

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