Thursday, February 24, 2011


Have you ever run into a person that just goes out of their way to piss you off? Well.. My father is one of those people, he will do anything to piss me off. Lately, he hasnt been filling the milk, yesterday i had to fill it 3 times. But today.. ohhh.. I am getting my revenge for that,Ive taken all the milk jugs and hidden them. I wonder how pissy he will get when he cant have his milk. What should i say? I dont know where they went.. or maybe.. "When you grow up and fill the milk then I will give them back." Either way, inside I am enjoying this evilness and payback. I wonder if there is anything else I can do to get a rise out of him for pissing me off all these years.

So The weekend is getting close, I wish I could spend it with my ex, but chances are slim. Loneliness sucks.. I dont know why I still love her so much, even after shes cheated on me countless times, lied to me nonstop, gets pissed at me for absolutely no reason. Why must a lot of women be the right hand of satan? I have yet to have a girlfriend who hasnt cheated on me, or done something so incredibly stupid it makes you want to jump off a bridge. Even my first girlfriend cheated on me and got pregnant, i broke up with her and 2 days later she was in alberta engaged to another guy. My second girlfriend, the one where i finally felt what love was like.. She lost her virginity to her best friends dad. And now, My newest ex.. cheated on me with easily a dozen guys, both online and in person. Why must love be so painful? Maybe I am just a sucker for punishment, maybe love is a loaded gun.

Why must I have such a big heart and let everyone stomp on it? Maybe I should just die and end the pain.

Monday, February 21, 2011

2 Hours...

In 2 hours, Killzone 3 will be released to the public. My hype for this game is phenomenal, from the beta to the demos, this game is really going to be great, I preordered the Killzone 3: Helghast Edition, going to pick it up at EB games when i head out tomorrow, too bad i wont be able to play it until night time, but just having it will probably give me a hard on i cant get rid of until i satisfy my bloodlust for killing the helghast. I hope all of you are into gaming because this thing is going to be good, the visuals have been compared to Crysis 2, so this game really is going to be a juggernaut on visuals for consoles, setting the bar even higher.

after finishing Killzone 2 I was left with a thirst for more, this game will deliver, Guerilla Games knows what they are doing. see you all on the battlefields.

PSN: OmegaAF

Making a decent buck.

Yep, what a world we live in, I need a job, put out at least 200 resumes and not a single call, how does youth these days find a job? Currently i have google adsense on this very page, clicking the ads makes me revenue, but with only 35 views im not exactly getting enough people to actually turn a profit so if youve like what ive written so far, please click the ads to support me.

Anyway, Jobs. We all need one, we all have to get one. but unlike back in our parents day, jobs are in short supply, low paying, how are we ever supposed to move out when rent can be upwards of $1000/m? let alone hydro, food, water and other expenses? Growing up in the 21st century isnt as easy as it once was, the cost of living keeps going up but wages stay nearly the same, parents are expecting too much of their children in a time where until they are making at least 30-40k a year, they wont be able to move out. look at Prince Edward Island, rent is $200 a month, $50 for hydro for 5 people living in an apartment thats not a lot to live, here, rent is at minimum triple, hydro is triple, how is anyone supposed to live like that?

People wonder about me a lot, calling me weird, a creep, asshole, jerk, you name it. All I am is honest with people, i tell them how it is, and if that makes me an asshole, then what is this world coming to? Giving people the trust and decency to say to them, yeah, you are fucking up here, here and here, i suggest you do this to try and fix those problems. But instead of a Thanks, i will do that or thank you for telling me where im screwing up, you get a fuck off leave me alone or i dont give a fuck. Why does the world want to live a lie, pretending everything will be ok? until we start listening to people we wont be able to better ourselves, we wont find the answer to the problem that is plaguing us, we need peoples opinions and peoples input otherwise we get lost in our thoughts, we blind ourselves with false hopes and promises instead of making those hopes and dreams become reality.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Debate of Marijuana

Marijuana, the big bag M word, Mary Jane, Greens, Grass, Reefer, Smokeables, all these terms used to describe such a blatantly popular and so outrageously dangerous that it costs billions in taxpayers money every year. What could such an evil word that is strangling our youths minds and stealing their souls do??? I will tell you in complete honesty, with complete openness on the last place that has truly free speech.

It helps us. Thats what. it takes the pressure off of a hard day of school, work, family, whatever it is that stresses us out. It takes away our pain and sadness, it makes us feel better.

What is so wrong with wanting to let loose and relax? What is so dangerous about it?

Look at Tobacco, look at alcohol. How many countless deaths do those things cause? Tens of thousands each year, including my grandfather who is currently dying of lung cancer, 3 years after his kidneys fail. Three years ago he would have said no to marijuana, and now, the man wants a joint. He smoked marijuana once in his entire life when he was 16, yet now he is willing to try it again 70 years later, that is such an addictive substance, we better put it in the same class as meth yet allow people to smoke tobacco. Marijuana has been proven to aid in depression, to aid in pain relief, to aid in over 600 illnesses. No pill in existence has ever aided in so many things. Now I ask you, why do we keep it outlawed when it only does bad things for it? The things the media sees and shows us? Just like with any substance that has ever been outlawed including alcohol. And look what the prohibition did.- Al Capone, Scarface, "Lucky" Luciano, "Bugs" Moran (AKA Jack "Legs" Diamond), and "Dutch" Schultz. Any of those names sound familiar? The same thing happens with any outlawed substance.

But Andrew, why should we legalize it?

Who said anything about legalizing it? We can simply decriminalize it, or we could make using and growing it legal, and prohibit selling, you do that it puts dealers out of business, it would stop lacing of the marijuana since people could simply grow 3 plants for a family of 3 over the age of 18. you would know what you are getting, you wouldnt have to worry about it being laced with raid, cocaine, meth, and many other substances because you are growing it yourself.

There are no hazardous chemicals in marijuana, the only bad thing is the burning plant material, but that can be solved with vaporizers, its probably more hazardous to stand around a campfire than smoke a joint. What problem is there with Marijuana? I am more than sure every single parent out there has tried it at one time or another and maybe still has a joint now and then with his or her wife or husband, they sit down with a rum and coke or a glass of wine, and enjoy a romantic evening together cuddling, watching a movie together, maybe having a nice relaxing candle lit bath with their loved one after a nice home cooked meal. Where is the harm? Look at alcohol alone, look at all the abused spouses, murder related to being intoxicated. Where is the violence in marijuana? Name one case where marijuana is the sole and undisputed cause of a violent act? Why cant a man dying of lung cancer, with kidney failure and a catheter hanigng out of his side with only one leg who suffers from constant phantom pains, go outside and smoke a joint and feel good in his dying days? We will put a dog down when he is sick and in pain, yet we cannot let a veteran who fought for our freedom, who is a loved one, who is in equal pain, why can we not let him enjoy and be pain free for the rest of his life? Because we are monsters, we have more sympathy for a sick dog than our own families, than our own friends and fellow man.

Marijuana isnt the problem in society, its society itself.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Long time..

So long in fact, I forgot I even had an account.

A lot has happened to me lately, lost my love, lost my heart, lost my mind, I even tried to kill myself by taking a couple bottles of pills, unfortunately, my body is too strong for that and all i got was a very high heart rate of about 195 beats per minute for about 12 hours straight. My arm has cigarette burns and I really dont see a point in living anymore. When I took those pills I felt happy, relieved and at peace, something I havent felt for ages. Maybe I'm just nuts, hell.. its not like anyone reads my blog xD

But yeah, life is a bitch, maybe im just a weak person, someone without a cause, or maybe there really isnt a point in living when we are all going to die anyway, why put up with the pain and hate of this world when peace is only a few bottles of pills away? Its my own life, Im not physically harming anyone else, the only crime im committing is my own death.

I am not a fan of what Ive become, ive become controlling, a jerk, OCD, a smoker, a toker (not that there is anything wrong with marijuana and people should be able to use it whenever they want) Ive become nothing more than a nuisance to society, no one has ever wanted me, no one ever will, Im nothing more than a bag of water with $6.87 of precious metals in my system, maybe i should add a few cents of lead to that.

Whoever does end up reading this will either relate to me or be disgusted with me, but thats your choice.