Monday, February 21, 2011

Making a decent buck.

Yep, what a world we live in, I need a job, put out at least 200 resumes and not a single call, how does youth these days find a job? Currently i have google adsense on this very page, clicking the ads makes me revenue, but with only 35 views im not exactly getting enough people to actually turn a profit so if youve like what ive written so far, please click the ads to support me.

Anyway, Jobs. We all need one, we all have to get one. but unlike back in our parents day, jobs are in short supply, low paying, how are we ever supposed to move out when rent can be upwards of $1000/m? let alone hydro, food, water and other expenses? Growing up in the 21st century isnt as easy as it once was, the cost of living keeps going up but wages stay nearly the same, parents are expecting too much of their children in a time where until they are making at least 30-40k a year, they wont be able to move out. look at Prince Edward Island, rent is $200 a month, $50 for hydro for 5 people living in an apartment thats not a lot to live, here, rent is at minimum triple, hydro is triple, how is anyone supposed to live like that?

People wonder about me a lot, calling me weird, a creep, asshole, jerk, you name it. All I am is honest with people, i tell them how it is, and if that makes me an asshole, then what is this world coming to? Giving people the trust and decency to say to them, yeah, you are fucking up here, here and here, i suggest you do this to try and fix those problems. But instead of a Thanks, i will do that or thank you for telling me where im screwing up, you get a fuck off leave me alone or i dont give a fuck. Why does the world want to live a lie, pretending everything will be ok? until we start listening to people we wont be able to better ourselves, we wont find the answer to the problem that is plaguing us, we need peoples opinions and peoples input otherwise we get lost in our thoughts, we blind ourselves with false hopes and promises instead of making those hopes and dreams become reality.

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