Thursday, February 24, 2011


Have you ever run into a person that just goes out of their way to piss you off? Well.. My father is one of those people, he will do anything to piss me off. Lately, he hasnt been filling the milk, yesterday i had to fill it 3 times. But today.. ohhh.. I am getting my revenge for that,Ive taken all the milk jugs and hidden them. I wonder how pissy he will get when he cant have his milk. What should i say? I dont know where they went.. or maybe.. "When you grow up and fill the milk then I will give them back." Either way, inside I am enjoying this evilness and payback. I wonder if there is anything else I can do to get a rise out of him for pissing me off all these years.

So The weekend is getting close, I wish I could spend it with my ex, but chances are slim. Loneliness sucks.. I dont know why I still love her so much, even after shes cheated on me countless times, lied to me nonstop, gets pissed at me for absolutely no reason. Why must a lot of women be the right hand of satan? I have yet to have a girlfriend who hasnt cheated on me, or done something so incredibly stupid it makes you want to jump off a bridge. Even my first girlfriend cheated on me and got pregnant, i broke up with her and 2 days later she was in alberta engaged to another guy. My second girlfriend, the one where i finally felt what love was like.. She lost her virginity to her best friends dad. And now, My newest ex.. cheated on me with easily a dozen guys, both online and in person. Why must love be so painful? Maybe I am just a sucker for punishment, maybe love is a loaded gun.

Why must I have such a big heart and let everyone stomp on it? Maybe I should just die and end the pain.

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