Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Debate of Marijuana

Marijuana, the big bag M word, Mary Jane, Greens, Grass, Reefer, Smokeables, all these terms used to describe such a blatantly popular and so outrageously dangerous that it costs billions in taxpayers money every year. What could such an evil word that is strangling our youths minds and stealing their souls do??? I will tell you in complete honesty, with complete openness on the last place that has truly free speech.

It helps us. Thats what. it takes the pressure off of a hard day of school, work, family, whatever it is that stresses us out. It takes away our pain and sadness, it makes us feel better.

What is so wrong with wanting to let loose and relax? What is so dangerous about it?

Look at Tobacco, look at alcohol. How many countless deaths do those things cause? Tens of thousands each year, including my grandfather who is currently dying of lung cancer, 3 years after his kidneys fail. Three years ago he would have said no to marijuana, and now, the man wants a joint. He smoked marijuana once in his entire life when he was 16, yet now he is willing to try it again 70 years later, that is such an addictive substance, we better put it in the same class as meth yet allow people to smoke tobacco. Marijuana has been proven to aid in depression, to aid in pain relief, to aid in over 600 illnesses. No pill in existence has ever aided in so many things. Now I ask you, why do we keep it outlawed when it only does bad things for it? The things the media sees and shows us? Just like with any substance that has ever been outlawed including alcohol. And look what the prohibition did.- Al Capone, Scarface, "Lucky" Luciano, "Bugs" Moran (AKA Jack "Legs" Diamond), and "Dutch" Schultz. Any of those names sound familiar? The same thing happens with any outlawed substance.

But Andrew, why should we legalize it?

Who said anything about legalizing it? We can simply decriminalize it, or we could make using and growing it legal, and prohibit selling, you do that it puts dealers out of business, it would stop lacing of the marijuana since people could simply grow 3 plants for a family of 3 over the age of 18. you would know what you are getting, you wouldnt have to worry about it being laced with raid, cocaine, meth, and many other substances because you are growing it yourself.

There are no hazardous chemicals in marijuana, the only bad thing is the burning plant material, but that can be solved with vaporizers, its probably more hazardous to stand around a campfire than smoke a joint. What problem is there with Marijuana? I am more than sure every single parent out there has tried it at one time or another and maybe still has a joint now and then with his or her wife or husband, they sit down with a rum and coke or a glass of wine, and enjoy a romantic evening together cuddling, watching a movie together, maybe having a nice relaxing candle lit bath with their loved one after a nice home cooked meal. Where is the harm? Look at alcohol alone, look at all the abused spouses, murder related to being intoxicated. Where is the violence in marijuana? Name one case where marijuana is the sole and undisputed cause of a violent act? Why cant a man dying of lung cancer, with kidney failure and a catheter hanigng out of his side with only one leg who suffers from constant phantom pains, go outside and smoke a joint and feel good in his dying days? We will put a dog down when he is sick and in pain, yet we cannot let a veteran who fought for our freedom, who is a loved one, who is in equal pain, why can we not let him enjoy and be pain free for the rest of his life? Because we are monsters, we have more sympathy for a sick dog than our own families, than our own friends and fellow man.

Marijuana isnt the problem in society, its society itself.

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